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PC Magazine Choice: Easy Screen Grabber!

“An easy, free and effective screenshot capture”
“Capture everything appears in your screen. Fast!”
From: Team PC Utilities

“The best way to capture screen, and paste it directly into presentations.”
From: Thierry L., Senior IT Consultant

The best way to capture screens to do presentations!

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ZapGrab is a fast and easy screen capture software to copy everything appears in your computer screen. It's as easy as taking a photo [read more]

ZapGrab allows you to capture screen; either the whole screen, or a region, with just a single click. You can choose exactly with your mouse how much of the screen you want to capture.

Zapgrab is an American computer software company dedicated to screen capture. ZapGrab is the world's leading provider of screen capture software for individual and professional use.
[download ZapGrab Software)] Zapgrab  is a software free to download

Examples of screenshots captured with ZapGrab

Examples of screenshots captured with the screen grabber ZapGrab
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Users opinion about ZapGrab
Opinion from vane1978 about ZapGrab screen grabber
It's an incredible sofware! Simple and effective. It covers most of the needs of a screen capture.
10 min. ago

The best screen capture I have ever tried. Zapgab consumes very little ram, it does not fail, with a simple combination (Ctrl+C), is ready to draw up a box and make an impression of the screen.
43 min. ago

El Mejor, the Best!
Opinion from davidHarvard about ZapGrab screen grabber
It does perfectly what it must do. I have tried many screen capture software and they slow down the computer. But Zapgrab is so simple. It's Perfect!
57 min. ago

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ZapGrab is an American computer software company dedicated to screen capture. ZapGrab is the world's leading provider of screen capture software for individual and professional use (Windows & Mac). People everywhere use our easy products to capture content from their screens in ways that help them communicate more clearly. For more than one decade, the company's award-winning technologies and software have redefined powerpoint presentations and screen capture. ZapGrab's global reach is continually expanding. With easy screen capture products localized into 3 languages (english, spanish and french) and a distribution network of resellers in more than 30 countries. You can trust in ZapGrab!